Monday, November 19, 2012

Pumpkin Madness

I love squash. I love, acorn, and butternut, and pumpkin and far too many others for me to list them right now. Just after Mabon I get this itch for Pumpkin, I could eat it all the fall long with and in everything (and usually do), pumpkin bread, cookies, pies, bars, soups, casseroles, and just by itself with salt, pepper, butter, and a pinch of brown sugar.

Yesterday we went a bit Pumpkin crazy. I bought a humongous pumpkin for carving and unfortunately due to my husbands work schedule we just never got around to carving it. Well there was no way I was letting that giant ten dollar beauty go to waste, so we cooked it. I had cooked a sugar pumpkin a few weeks before and figured it would be just as easy, WRONG. I think each half of the pumpkin took about 2 hours in the oven minimum. By 10:00 last night all of it was finally cooked, scooped pureed and bagged. So for ten dollars I ended up with 14 cups of pumpkin puree. Not a bad deal if I do say so myself.
It occurred to me after the pumpkin was cooked (isn't that how it always is) that I should have take a picture of our lovely. So here's someone else's picture of a beautiful pumpkin.

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