Kitchen Witch?

What is a Kitchen Witch you might ask. In the most simple of terms it's someone who finds the magickal in the mundane. A Kitchen Witch finds joy in the task of caring for their home, their family, and for themselves. They attune themselves with the changing of the seasons, through gardening, locavorism, or monitoring the weather.

If any of this sound familiar to you, you may be a kitchen witch yourself. You don't even need to be pagan to participate in this age old practice.

Kitchen witchcraft honors the Goddess (and even the God) through keeping house. Sweeping the floor isn't just for cleaning, it's for clearing out negative energy. In fact cleaning isn't such a simple task at all. Depending on how much energy you want to put into it every chore can be a ritual unto itself.

This particular craft practice is one of simple magick. It is the magick of old wives tales, and of folk lore, of divination and herbal medicine. It is the ultimate blending of the spiritual and the physical.