Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello with a Tip

Here's a glimpse into my little spice
corner that resides in my

I'm Ba-a-ack! It feels like forever since I've popped in. I've made a few appearances over at Witchy Woman so people know I'm still breathing but I missed my kitchen. We're finally in our new apartment and it is so peaceful! Who knew I'd find relaxation in the middle of a city.

Slowly but surely we're getting our new home up in working order.
It's so nice being able to lay things out the way I want them.

Anyway that was all, just wanted to pop in and say hi and to leave you with a little kitchen tip for those who love to recycle (If you don't you should).

Recognise this? If you buy bread I'm sure you do. This is not trash! At least it isn't yet anyways. Ever see those colorful half-moon shaped pan scrapers that cost 97 cents or more? This makes a wonderful and free substitute. I have 3 sitting next to my kitchen sink and they really do work. Throw them away if they break or get too crusty to use but until then don't let them go to waste.