Saturday, May 19, 2012

Introduction Of A Kitchen Witch

I love being in the kitchen. I love every little thing about it. It's such a versatile room for working magick since it incorporates all of the elements. Let me elaborate on that a little bit.

Earth How can someone not find earth in the kitchen. There are herbs, food, stone wear, wooden utensils, and who doesn't have  the occasional potted plant kicking around. When I envision my perfect kitchen I see vibrant greens, dark woods, and gleaming metals. The ultimate place to get in and get my hands dirty.

Air Air is directly related to problem solving, intellect and conversation. Whenever people come to our house they inevitably end up chatting in the kitchen. The living room is nice of course but something about the kitchen (probably the likelihood of finding munchies) always draws them in. Let's not ignore all of the figuring out of measurements and judging what we need to balance out a recipe for just the right flavor. Last but not least the kitchen is filled with glorious smells wafting in the air.

Fire Can you say obvious. Our present day stoves represent the hearths of old. The kitchen is filled with heat. From the actual physical heat of our cook source to the spiciness of seasonings. What's a well stocked kitchen without cinnamon or chili powder.. or a little liquor (fire water anyone?)

Water What is the most common thing to do in a kitchen? Boil water! Beverages, broth, the sink, water is everywhere. Whenever we lose power the last first inconvenience that hits us is "Shit! There's no water." How are we supposed to wash dishes, make tea or cook pasta without water? Water is a necessity in the kitchen.

Spirit Spirit is everywhere but to me always seems the most present in the kitchen. Turn up the radio, get out your pots and pans and let your spirit sing. There's something very ancient about the art of cooking. Old recipes passed down through the ages (in my family it's meat stuffing), secrets shared over a warmed beverage, inherited utensils, and the fact that we are doing the very thing that has kept all of us alive for too many years to count. Oh yeah, spirit is in the kitchen.

The very act of cooking is magickal, transforming basic raw elements into innumerable delicacies. It's alchemy at its finest. All of our senses are engaged in the kitchen, it is an experience like no other.

By the way did I mention how much you can do in the kitchen? In case you didn't know, it's not just for cooking. Sure we need to eat but there's more to life and kitchens than food (hmm did I really just say that?) Got a bad case of poison ivy? Soak in a nice oatmeal bath. Need to polish your furniture? Mix some lemon juice with olive oil. Want to make a craft with the kids? Homemade play-dough should do the trick. Understand now why I love the kitchen?

That's why I'm starting this blog. A couple years back I started a cooking blog, and every now and then I visit it but I really don't have the same fun with it as I do with Witchy Woman. So I decided to retool it into an entirely new blog, one with a fun witchy spin that deals with more than just food and cooking. I'm letting the kitchen be the star that it is. So come on in, fix yourself a drink and let the kitchen witchery begin.


  1. Love your new blog, did a mini shout out type thingie about it on mine Hope you don't mind, just wanted to share :D

    1. Don't mind at all share away! I'm glad you like it )O(